There is no greater tragedy than unfulfilled potential

High Potential programmes provide a once in a lifetime opportunity for your best employees to transform the way they communicate. Our mission is to help your talent realise their potential through the vehicle of an Action Learning Project (ALP) journey. 


Our method leverages the ALP process to ensure candidates develop through experience rather than theory. Our candidates don’t just master how to influence and persuade audiences during high stakes pitches and presentations: they learn how to transform game changing ideas into reality using the power of communication. 


We put your talent in a position to exceed not just the expectations of senior stakeholders, but to transcend what they believe themselves capable of in a high stakes environment. In doing so, candidates graduate the programme more competent, more confident and more courageous - and better able to impact the organisation they serve.


A small number of core competencies determine career progression. And because all competencies are dependent on our ability to articulate them, communication is the key competence in determining career success. The impact we have in the world is constrained and determined by our ability to influence and persuade others to act on our ideas.

High Potential training partners with L&D programme designers to enhance the communicative power of top talent through the Action Learning Project framework. The learning experience is tailored and aligned to the needs, demands and outcomes of corporate talent programmes. The challenge of senior stakeholder presentations ensures learning is intrinsically motivated; the application of the 70:20:10 principle creates an experiential learning journey; while Action Learning Projects create the perfect time and space for candidates to discover, develop and deliver their own impactful communication style.


Our process empowers candidates to transcend their pre-existing limitations and undergo a permanent expansion in communicative ability as a consequence. Successfully delivering a high stakes pitch has the capacity to unlock the career potential of candidates - particularly those who have previously

limited their own progression by avoiding or minimising challenges for fear of public speaking.


High Potential Training is delivered by David Joshua. David has designed and delivered hundreds of professional development presentations globally, including high performance learning at world class Business Schools, Charities and Corporates. In addition, David is a Penguin published business author, lectures at Henley Business School where he delivers The Art of Communication: Influence and Persuasion through Presentations and Pitches, and holds highest level financial qualifications in Banking, Trust and Investments - a combination unique within the finance industry.

David has managed wealth on behalf of high-net-worth clients in London; built a successful intermediary investment proposition as a direct report of a multinational CEO in Jersey; and hired, trained and led a national sales team in South Africa for the continent’s largest financial organisation, where he went on to run Global Investment Distribution. David began his career on the prestigious Fidelity Graduate programme, and has participated in immersive Managerial and Executive talent courses.

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