Action Learning Projects (ALPs)

Enhance the leadership capabilities of top talent, solve urgent challenges within the organisation and wider society, and assess the capacity of candidates to assume increased responsibility in a low stakes, high pressure environment


Leveraging the 70:20:10 learning principle, lessons from the classroom are tested, sharpened and applied while working on meaningful and relevant projects in diverse groups, transmuting theoretical skills into practical capabilities 


The course provides a framework for the final pitch delivery, dry run presentation feedback, and one on one presentation training to optimise candidate delivery


 “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Action Learning projects (ALPs) are the most effective learning tools available to corporate talent programmes. With proper training, ALPs develop the meta-skills which determine role effectiveness and career progression; they enhance the leadership capabilities of high potential employees; and they apply the organisation’s most promising minds to solve urgent challenges which, if solved, create genuine stakeholder value, ensuring a visible - and measurable - return on investment to senior stakeholders.

The process provides valuable insights into the leadership credentials of candidates, enabling an assessment of the organisation’s talent pipeline while providing insight into how to best deploy, advance and manage it. With this comes achievement and progress - both for the individual, who has had the opportunity to prove themselves at a higher level - and for the firm, which has increased the depth and breadth of the firm’s talent pool through targeted learning and development. The best bit? The process provides senior stakeholders with actionable solutions to real life challenges, with an existing group of motivated, high potential talent available to implement change.


“David delivered a session for me at Henley Business School Africa... The delegates were a group of mining engineers. He got a perfect (feedback assessment) score, which is extremely rare. They were blown away… I will gladly use him again and would highly recommend him.”

Marti Janse Van Rensburg, Programme Director, Henley Business School Africa

25 Mill St, McGregor

McGregor, 6708

South Africa