Influencing and Persuading when Presenting and Pitching

Working exclusively with Graduate, Management and Executive talent programmes, we give your highest potential employees the tools to:

  • Gain increased competence and confidence when communicating in high stakes corporate situations


  • Develop their signature form of expression – rather than learning as though differences in style and preferences don’t exist


  • Effectively transform ideas into reality - and therefore increase their capacity to positively impact your organisation


“Communication is the most important skill any leader can possess”
Richard Branson

Why focus on communication?


Our ability to communicate determines the quality of our lives and the success of our careers. Without the ability to persuade others to take action, ideas remain dreams. However, when a concept is properly articulated, it acquires the power to change the world.


What are the consequences of mastering communication as a competence?


The Action Learning Project represents the perfect opportunity to master the competency of communication. Our learning journey is designed so your candidates don’t just exceed the expectations of senior stakeholders: they transcend their own limiting beliefs. By triumphing over the stress, doubt and challenge that final pitches are designed to induce, your candidates won’t just get better at delivering impactful communication in high stakes environments: they will revise what they believe themselves capable of, and in doing so, unlock their career potential.


How do candidates learn to influence and persuade?


The Art of Communication: Influencing and Persuading when Presenting and Pitching is available as a basic one day course, or as part of a wider learning journey. For L&D programme designers wishing to maximise the growth of their candidates, we offer increased support and guidance throughout the ALP process. This includes one on one training, dry run presentation feedback, and guidance during project development to ensure concepts possess optimal impact by the time they are presented to senior stakeholders.

Who delivers training?


High Potential Training is delivered by David Joshua. David has designed and delivered hundreds of professional development presentations globally, including high performance learning at world class Business Schools, Charities and Corporates. During his career, David has pitched for and managed wealth on behalf of private high-net-worth clients in London; built a successful offshore intermediary investment proposition as a direct report of a multinational CEO in Jersey; and hired, trained and led a national sales team which served over 500 Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers in South Africa. David went on to run Global Distribution for Africa’s largest financial organisation, Standard Bank.


David is a Penguin published business author, and is lecturer at Henley Business School (Africa), where he teaches The Art of Communication: Influence and Persuasion through Presentations and Pitches. David began his career on the prestigious Fidelity Graduate programme, and has participated in immersive Managerial and Executive talent courses. This direct experience enables David to help others use the ALP journey to transcend their self-imposed constraints, and in the process, become optimally effective for their organisation.


“David has a way of making any topic engaging and enjoyable. When coupled with his energetic style and passion for presenting, David is able to encourage his audience to partake and learn about their own personal style whether it be in selling or presenting, in a safe and energised environment that he fosters. Furthermore, David is an excellent coach, drawing on his own personal experience and erudite insights, I would highly recommend David for all matters personal-development related.”

Blake Human, Graduate Programme, Standard Bank Group South Africa

25 Mill St, McGregor

McGregor, 6708

South Africa