Leveraging Diversity

Practical insight on how to leverage differences in the workplace - whether they are found in personalities, opinions or socio-demographics - for optimal outcomes 
Intuitive approach enables delegates to harness divergent opinions and skill sets to  optimise team effectiveness, and avoid cognitive traps such as groupthink and confirmation bias
Candidates identify areas where increased diversity would be beneficial to organisational effectiveness, and design practical steps to create equality of opportunity


“Inclusion is not a matter of political correctness. It is the key to growth.” — Jesse Jackson

‘Leveraging Diversity’ fuses the latest academic research with insight gained while managing a national sales team in South Africa, arguably the world’s most multicultural -  and diversity conscious - country. Candidates examine diversity from a scientific, neurological, and practical perspective, and examine how to positively harness diversity in all its manifestations. 

Leveraging diversity is a matter of uncovering and acknowledging self-evident, fundamental truths, rather than learning foriegn ways of thinking. This course focuses on the practical implications and applications of increased diversity within teams, providing easy to apply tools and methods to ensure leaders recognise, involve and optimise the diversity which exists around them; actively acknowledge where it is lacking; and seek to increase it where the organization - and its people - would benefit from doing so. Candidates learn how to shift perspectives from a narrowly focused ‘I’ viewpoint, to one which actively incorporates the wisdom of the other, and in doing so, provides an enhanced understanding of the whole. 


“David’s energetic style really brought the learning experience to life. Thank you also for the insights into how I can personally improve my confidence when presenting. I would recommend engaging with David, if you truly want to grow in understanding how to present effectively and to build your confidence in this area.“

Sarah Kennedy, Head of Technical Banking, Standard Bank Isle of Man

25 Mill St, McGregor

McGregor, 6708

South Africa