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L&D Executives need to demonstrate their structured learning initiatives deliver meaningful, measurable improvements to delegates, as well as generating a return on investment for the organisation. Every aspect of High Potential Training is designed to deliver measurable improvements to the critical skills which underpin the career growth of your top talent.  Our objectives - improving candidates though the delivery of the meta-skills which make the biggest impact in the workplace - are therefore aligned and intertwined with yours.

To provide peace of mind, High Potential Training is underwritten by a ‘No Improvement, No Satisfaction, No Fee’ guarantee. If your candidates don’t improve; if your objectives are not met; if you aren’t satisfied - for whatever reason - no fee is payable. 
This makes partnering with us a risk free investment: training is guaranteed to provide a positive return on investment, meet your desired L&D outcomes and make a meaningful impact on the capabilities of your best talent - and therefore your organisation’s future.

Three sets of stakeholder determine if your investment in training has met your minimum expectations - as determined by you:

  • Candidates give feedback via formal assessment

  • Senior stakeholders determine whether the programme met their expectations

  • L&D sponsors assess whether training objectives were met, and their overall satisfaction with all aspects of training delivery

All three Key Performance Indicators need to be met for your investment to be valid, making partnering with High Potential Training risk free for your organisation. We guarantee excellence, and the peace of mind which comes with knowing your candidates will undergo a transformative learning process, your learning objectives will be met and your stakeholder’s expectations exceeded.


“David delivered a session for me at Henley Business School Africa... The delegates were a group of mining engineers. He got a perfect (feedback assessment) score, which is extremely rare. They were blown away… I will gladly use him again and would highly recommend him.”

Marti Janse Van Rensburg, Programme Director, Henley Business School Africa

25 Mill St, McGregor

McGregor, 6708

South Africa