Servant Leadership

Insight into the concept of servant driven leadership. Understand why it is the optimal model for leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and receive practical insights regarding how to integrate the method with pre-existing leadership styles
Provides a practical framework to enable leaders to increase their empathy and emotional intelligence with colleagues and clients, increasing productivity, creativity and harmony within teams and the wider organisation
Develops and embeds a sense of purpose, meaning and mission at work by examining intrinsic motivations, and aligning them with higher values and ideals


“If serving is below you, then leadership is beyond you” — Bishop Dale C Bronner

Leaders who shift the prism of their perspective to one of service are better placed to increase workplace harmony, employee retention and revenue growth in the workplace. This style of leadership has a ripple effect throughout teams: as leaders increasingly serve with empathy, teams receive the support they need to flourish, creating a multiplier effect of growth through servant leadership. We can all learn to serve, support and empathise more effectively: all that is required is a method, a framework and a willingness to take on greater responsibility - which ultimately improves career satisfaction through the generation of intrinsic meaning.

Leveraging the most preeminent literature, the latest scientific research, and most impactful organisational learnings on the subject, this course provides a theoretical framework to turn concepts into practically applied improvements. With a shift in perspective, the role of leaders - whether they be formally designated with titles or informal champions of society - can move from viewing responsibility as a burden, to seeing it through a prism imbued with meaning. How we inwardly perceive ourselves and our work determines the outcomes we manifest in the external world, and there is no higher calling than the calling to serve.


“David facilitated our Presentation Training, which was very beneficial! The Communications and Persuasion segment resulted in my group members and I presenting a concept based on his guidance to senior management. It was so well received that the idea was selected as the exceptional concept from the talent programme to be later presented to the executive board.”

Sanele Nkosi, Managing Director at SimWealth South Africa

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