The Science of Self Actualisation

Focuses on achieving self-actualisation through an understanding of the psychological components and cognitive processes which determine growth
Applies psychometric insight, behavioural science and psychological models to provide frameworks for self-understanding and development 
Provides a catalyst for paradigm shifting growth through identifying, disabling and replacing default habits through the application of systems thinking


 “If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life” ―Abraham Maslow


Self-actualisation is the process by which we realise and fulfill the innate potential within ourselves. Leveraging the latest and most insightful literature from psychology, behavioural science and the world’s great traditions, this course provides candidates with an understanding of how they can optimise their mindset for maximum meaning, contentment, and productivity across every aspect of life.


The benefits for both employees and employers are immense: studies demonstrate happy employees are 13% more productive than their peers. And these employees don’t just deliver the numbers: they raise the bar across the metrics measured through employee engagement surveys.


Highlighting the path to Self-Actualisation might be the highest value action L&D designers can take to positively impact their organisation.


The process begins with self-knowledge, which involves assessing and acknowledging our strengths, deficiencies and preferences.


This is done most effectively through the use of psychometric tests. Once these attributes are understood, candidates can identify and upgrade the specific skills they need to succeed in today's workplace, and begin the journey towards self-actualisation - where truth, excellence and meaning become states of being rather than transient goals.
This course equips candidates with a map, compass and method to navigate their unique life and career journey, mitigate and address their perceived weaknesses, and identify and accentuate the skills which provide career and life alignment.


Candidates are able to identify their path towards self-actualisation, enabling them to obtain the maximum amount of meaning possible from life - while being happier and more productive in the process.


This course facilitates a paradigm shift in the perspective of candidates, providing a blueprint for cumulative development which, when applied systematically, provides incremental gains which continue to compound over the span of a career.


"Thank you David! Meeting you has unlocked a new level of personal growth for which I am truly grateful for…. Your limitless energy is infectious and makes it really easy to stay captivated and enjoy your program. Keep up the incredible work that you are doing, and don't stop having fun!"

Kavesh Reddy, Behavioural Scientist, Standard Bank Insurance

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